We all know that feeling, i guess. That broken feeling, from love? from depression? from life?

Love isn't easy, love is something special but also something really dangerous. Love can be beautifull but it also can break you as hell. My love life isn't easy at all. My ex who just thought everything was a game. Maybe for him, but my love for him was real, more than everything. So yeah, that gived me a broken feeling, the way he leaved me, the way i found out he was cheating on me. The way i found out he never really loved me, the way he looked at me at the end. And for some reason, i will always love him. Because he was was the first one i loved with everything i had than.

Depression is maybe the hardest thing i ever faced. The time you go trough, the people who don't understand and the people who telling you it's all bullshit and just a stupid excuus you juse. Well i'm sorry to say, but it was real, it was hard and it destroyed me then. I was more than broken, almost dead inside. Depression isn't easy, it's hard but if you face it and get better it makes you so mutch stronger than you think. The time to heal from a depression is maybe long, but in the end it's more worth it than anything.

Life is a big word. Life is like everything and life is also not easy. But you already know that i guess. Life can break you in so many ways, beacus life isn't a easy pad you walk. Or just a simpel song you can sing. Life is making you a better person or sometimes it makes you a little bit less good. But the point is life is going to bring you where you need to be, who you need to be and in the end life is so beautifull is you mention the good parts of it. Everthing you face in life is something you need to learn, something you need to know and something that will help you.

So this one, this one is for the broken ones. For the people who are broken inside, for the people who are healing. For the people who needs some love. For the people who needs a little bit of a support.
Know your story is beautifull, know that you are beautifull but the most of all. Know that you're never alone in this world. You get bigger and better than ever my love.

{Thankyou for reading this one, i know that my English is not that good at all but i wanted to reach a big part of the world. So i used English in the hope a lot of people will understand this}