Alternative-ish, for the lack of a better word. All these songs have a very laid-back vibe, so I hope you enjoy! This is not in any particular order.

1. Thomston : Headspace

"'Cause I don't trust my headspace
It never stays in one place for long
Would you like me if I strung you along?
'Cause you like me when I'm treating you wrong."

2. Bohnes : Guns and Roses

"Baby I hurt you
But you don't seem to mind
We all like to be destroyed sometimes."

3. The Neighborhood : Greetings From Califournia

"Hands up it's a stick up
Nobody's leaving this room for a minute
Everyones breathing these fumes
That are in it
Sick of the people who make the decisions."

4. Art of Sleeping : I'm Not The One

"All your love in vain,
It always ends this way."

5. James Young : Don't You Know

"I don’t want you to go
I need more of you in my life
Nobody should be alone
Please let me take you home tonight."

6. Peter Manos : In My Head

"I've waited way too long yeah I know you've changed you have a different face to me
I guess that I was wrong I'm the one to blame and that's a shame you see."

7. Jarryd James : Do You Remember

"Call me when you made up your mind
But you won't
Caught up in the way that you played my heart
Only love could ever hit this hard."

8. BLAJK : Gunshot

"I heard a gunshot babe
We cant be found
Riots in the street
Burn my kingdom down."

9. Ryan Beatty : Chameleon

"Later with a crowd
You start acting differently
It's impossible to figure out what you're in this for
And what you want from me."

10. Chase Atlantic : Friends

"All of your friends have been here for too long
They must be waiting for you to move on
Girl, I'm not with it I'm way too far gone
I'm not ready, eyes heavy now."

I made this at 1 in the morning on a school night, and I only now have 4 hours to sleep. So yeah, that's my excuse if there's any mistakes.