She came in silence.

She came here uninvited.

She just wanted to feel loved.

And she did.

But love doesn’t last forever,

Love only happens in the books she writes,

She writes love stories,

Because one day she’ll find a friend that,

Understands how vulnerable she is,

And will find a guy that will love,

A messed up girl like her,

But why would that happen to her?

All she does is just write poetry,

About how she feels

And how much she hates this world.

She messed once

And now she has the pay the price,

Of being alone and sad.

She justs wants one good day with him,

But all she gets is nothing,

Nobody asks her,

Not even him.

But why does she have to pay price?

Just because she is a girl?

And the girl always has to get blamed,

She has to patch things up,

When you run around playing with your dolls,

She has to mourn about you,

For no reason,

She has to be strong,

When you find a new doll to play with.

What happened to all those times?

So she learns,

But then she’s desperate for love.

So she trusts the first person she sees,

Then they call her a ‘slut’

When she wants to end it there,

They all want to play with her

For no reason.

She goes quietly,

Quietly to place she came from,

She goes quietly,

Just like that.