Flemington - Chapter 2: Coincidence

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8th of September was a horrific memory the town yet again owns. Nothing is safe here, not anymore. It has only been 4 days since the reportedly missing Fred Akins was found in the girls changing rooms in the locker… Dead. First off, why was Tony in the girls change room late at night? - Crystal Sey

September 4, 2017.
Early that morning

[ Mason have you heard that Fred was found in the girls locker room! ] - Abigail
[ Yeah, I have. ] - Mason
[ Well, I’ll see you at school then. ] - Abigail

Abigail being the good girl she was skipped all the way to school to where hell was approaching her.

Hell was approaching everyone. It was the day when the Akins family started calling people out for the murder and of course knowing the Akins all the boys were crossed out from the suspect list due to Fred being found in the girls changing room - Crystal Sey

‘Hold it there Abigail! Why are you skipping? Are you happy that Fred is dead? Or wait even better, YOU KILLED HIM!’ Yells Tony.
‘Tony, sweetie, give this what 2 year girl a break.’ Replies Mrs Akins.
‘Did you just call me 2 years old?’ Asks Abigail building up steam every millisecond. Mrs Akins nods her head.
“For your information, I’m 16!’ Responds Abigail in anger.
‘You 16!’ Laughs Tony.
‘Your nothing but a girl with blue eyes with black hair who also likes to skip to school in the mornings. Does that not scream a 2 year old or a murder?’ Continues Tony, Abigail storms off without skipping.

During science class Crystal and Tyler decided to partner for the upcoming science experiment. As they started to discuss about the murder Brooklyn listens in as she doesn’t have a partner let alone a group for the science assessment.
‘Hey love birds!’ Whispers Brooklyn.
‘Mind if I can join you guys?’ She continues.
‘Um, no thanks we are sort..’ Starts Tyler. Crystal giving him the death look then takes over.
‘Actually yes, you may join us.’ Finishes Crystal
‘Great! I’m Brooklyn but you can call me Brooks!’
‘We know who you are, Brooklyn.’ Says Tyler. Crystal nudges him.
‘What?’ Whispers Tyler to Crystal which ends up Crystal resulting in a face palm.
‘You guys are so cute! Though I’ve only asked to join you guys for a reason. Yeah I would of worked by myself but I have tons of information about the..’ Starts Brooks.
‘The murder?’ Asks Crystal
‘Yes!’ Replies Brooks.

That evening

As I am in the Hotspot cafe with Tyler and Brooks, I caught a glimpse of Kenny making out with a guy I definitely did not recognise near the garbage cans in the back of the building. Like any other person does I look away for a split second and then they are gone but knowing a girl who is best friends with him I knew exactly where he went… The Arcadia Lake. - Crystal Sey

Mason, Abigail and Laura walk into the Hotspot cafe and joined Crystal, Tyler and Brooklyn.
‘Are you guys looking into a mystery?’ Asks Laura. Crystal, Tyler and Brooks nod in agreement.
‘Cool because we are too!’ Adds Mason.
‘Would you be able to spare a few spots for 3 people to join your team?’ Says Abigail.
‘Yeah I guess that’s fine.’ Replies Crystal.

September 5, 2017
Early that morning

Once again Crystal, Tyler and Brooks had science class, a double to be exact. They discussed about what could've happened in the girls locker room.

1: He wasn’t at school on the day he was reported missing
2: Tony didn’t even know though we thought…
3: Mainly a girl could of been the murder

‘Tonight I think we should go and visit the sheriff and see his suspect wall and then we can duplicate it!’ Whispers Tyler.
‘I think that would be a great idea!’ Responds Crystal with Brooks nodding.

[ Hey Mason, Abigail and Laura. Tyler, Brooks and I are going to the sheriff's office to see his suspect wall. Met us at the Hotspot cafe where we can sort ourselves into groups to try and get a picture! ] - Crystal

That night

The squad separated into pairs. Mason and Abigail, Laura and Brooks leaving Tyler and I. We all nearly got caught but we did manage to get a sort of clear picture enough for us to work it out.
criminal, wall, and detective image
Crystal Sey

[ Woah have you seen the suspect list!? ] - Crystal
[ Yeah, the girls soccer team are all suspects same with the cheerleaders. ] - Mason
[ No not just that! ] - Crystal
[ His own family members are in it too! ] - Brooks
[ No not just that. ] - Crystal
[ Then what is it? ] - Tyler
[ Kenny… ] - Crystal

Many days pass by and no one has the slightest chance of who it can be. Until I mentioned Kenny we were more intrigued with getting involved. How did Kenny die, what time was it and why was it not mentioned on the news.. Suicide? No! He was way to happy. - Crystal Sey

[ I’m going to the sheriff’s office today even if we weren’t meant to know about Kenny but he is our friend ] - Crystal

Sheriff's office

‘I have something that might help with Kenny’s investigation!’ Says Crystal in a hurry.
‘How did you find out?’ Asks the sheriff.
‘Really! You care more about that then what I have to say?’
‘We already know how he died.’ Explains the sheriff.
‘I can tell you if you promise to not leak it.’
‘Yes anything!’ Begs Crystal
‘He was found in Arcadia Lake, with a stab wound to the lower ribs.’
‘Omg!’ Crystal whispers to herself.
‘You have something to say?’ Says the sheriff.
‘He went to Arcadia Lake on September the 4th with what I presume was his boyfriend as I saw them making out at the back of Hotspot cafe.’ Starts Crystal.
‘Is there any other information?’
‘Yes there is. Every time he is on a so called date he goes to Arcadia Lake to skinny dip with the other guy.’
‘Do you know who this other guy is?’ Asks the sheriff.
‘No, sorry I do not. Though he was wearing a green blazer with some blue pants.’
‘Hey sheriff!’ Calls out a worker.
‘Tony Akins is here for his interview!’
‘You need to leave, now! Please go out by the back door.’ The sheriff says in a quick pace.

Crystal is back in the open at least with no information to hide but now can she trust her friends (Abigail, Mason and Laura)?


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