today, 8 September is the last official day of my study leave. next week when I return to school, there will only be one week before finals officially start.

I would rate the productivity of my study leave as 7/10.

obviously, I did at least 1/2 of the things I wanted to do (i have the remaining weekend to cancel out the rest of the list >.<) but I definitely could have done more.

I think what is lacking is self-control, and something else I did wrong was to allow myself to burn out!

In order to solve the problem of

Lack of self-control, I will

  • set time limit of me studying, which will be 35 minutes.
  • after 35 minutes I get a 10 minutes break where I can do anything!

Burning out, I will

  • be in the bed by 10 pm, wake up at 6 am.
  • do not work for more than 8 hours a day (lol, this only applies to me when I am super productive)
  • yoga!

so yep I am going to implement these tips during the weekend (and for the rest of today). will definately be updating you guys on my progress.

dream it do it,

p.s. I would not be posting study-related, school-related articles anymore until mid-October because of exams so just pop over to all of my previous articles if you need anything