There's this boy that I kinda like...
He has that gorgeous smile,
Those beautiful eyes,
That amazing voice,
My god, he's perfect.

Whenever I look at him I can't believe I'm actually looking at a person just like me, because he doesn't seem like everyone else, he's not like anybody in this world.
He looks like those fictional characters you find only on books, never in real life.
I just love watching him smile while he tells me all those great stories he has to tell; that innocent and beautiful smile he gives to everyone, it's just wonderful.

I don't understand why he keeps telling to himself he's not perfect, I can't really understand since everytime I try to think that way I can't. I see him all the time and the only thing I can think of is how perfect he is, and how there's no way he isn't.

I don't know what he did to me, but I can't stop admiring him and thinking about him all the time.

I have to finally admit it...
I love him.