People seem to forget that celebrities are normal people just like us, and problems trouble them just like they do us. You are not alone. Here is a master list of girl popstars/actresses that have/had issues and have overcome them.

If they can do it, so can you!


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- low self-esteem
- lupus
- depression
- anxiety
- relationship trouble (possibly cheated on)


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She took a break from the spotlight, and social media and admitted herself into rehab where she got therapy (on multiple occasions). She got treatment for lupus.


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- Got bullied
- Bulimia
- Bipolar
- Self-harm
- Alcohol and drug addiction
- Parents who had similar issues


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She admitted herself into rehab for treatment and now takes medication for her bipolar disorder.


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- Bullied
- Low-self esteem
- Lost someone very close to her (grandfather)
- Lost touch with her dad growing up
- Lost fans in a terrorist attack


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Ariana surrounds her-self constantly with her loved ones, such as her mom and brother Frankie and all her dogs, where she finds strength and support. She got in touch with her dad again. She held a concert to support the families and community of those lost in the terrorist attack. It was healing for her and helped build the courage to not live in fear, but continue her tour and doing what she loves most which is performing her music.


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- Anxiety
- Depression
- Alcohol Addiction
- Drug addiction
- Parents with similar issues
- Got sent to boarding school
- Possibly suicidal


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She has been sober since her teen years, after attending rehab. Found her love of music.

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