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So I've started school this week, September 5th, and thought I'd pop in to write - I don't know - a little journal page of how things went. Mind you, I'm kicking up my eleventh grade this school year. :)

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I'm not sure if it's the same in every school system anywhere, but for my school, we have a Day 1 and Day 2 with four classes in each (I'm starting to think that yes, a majority of school's kinda have this. Well actually, I know that Toronto kinda doesn't; they have one set of four classes for one whole week, then another set of different classes for one other whole week) making up eight as its total. For my Day 1 schedule, I have Social Psychology, Math, a Foods & Nutrition class, and Physical Education or PE — yeah, I don't really like my Day 1, to be honest... Of course, for the surprisingly, 600+ people (thank you so much for reading! :0) who read my Introduction Article ( ), I'd love to be a clinical psychologist someday, and although that is different from social psychology, I'd like to at least take a class about psychology in general. So, there, I did. But of course, there is the teacher issue... I'm kind of alright about who my teacher is for Social Psych., but you know that "mehhhh," uncertain feeling? Yeah, that's me after attending the class for the first time. Our teacher is nice, but there are some characteristics that I personally feel uncomfortable with her. Not only that, but we have a strange mixture of people in our class. I don't necessarily mean diversity, that's always fine, but I mean the situation where there are obvious cliques. Plus, there just so happens to be an irritating person who isn't giving me a good first impression about himself. Broadly, I just thought it was surprising for a few certain people to take Social Psych., but you know, maybe they just wanted to try it out too. Actually, it's because I've overheard that some of them didn't really want it but took it anyway that I'm slightly uncertain about them — but oh well.
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The only thing I can say about Math is

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And at the same time

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uh-oh, and why is my supposed-to-be-dying-down-admiration crush in that class with me... I wish he had taken Pre Calc. >< We only have 15 people in that class, and we'll be doing projects. Hell to the no. I suddenly feel sick. I want to be over him. Go away.

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But onto something that isn't entirely crush-related, I've been told by one graduated friend and one senior grade acquaintance, that our teacher's teaching style isn't that good... She's the kind that would walk you through everything with her, and although putting it that way kinda sounds good, no, unfortunately, it's not. It's great that she has a sense of humour and chatty, but I don't think— okay no, I can't be skeptical about it now, I'm going to totally shoot myself in the foot...

Basically, it's like we're puppies and she has a leash. She's pulling us along right behind her heels.

So onto Foods class. I for sure like the teacher. I had her for Planning in grade 10, which is a class that basically has you learn about things more relevant to life and the work world, haha. However, with cooking and baking and the like, I have to say that I don't work well under pressure... Yeah, I just dug that from the back of my brain just recently. I know you're probably thinking, "Then why did you take it, or put that down as a class you wanted?" Well, let's just say that I forgot about my experience in grade eight... So, I'm planning to drop it. Now you're probably thinking this time around, "what, why? Are you kidding, there's food! You'll be making food!" Yeah, okay, well like I said, I don't work well under pressure, so do you think the food'll taste good if I crack and mess up? Probably not. .-.

Lastly, PE!!!! Gym class!!!! No, I want to take it in a different form, online!!!! (Online is where you do your own thing, but keep logs about it.) Okay, lemme explain. I had a shifted and chipped knee cap two years ago, and I'm literally the most hesitant person ever, much more after that. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but I am for sure hesitant... It can lead me into sticky, no-good mindsets... Er, overthinking too. So, with that in mind, along with being told by the surgeon that I should take it easy, I don't feel like risking anything just to play and have fun, physically. Like, we have field trips such as canoeing and biking, both of which I can't exactly do because one, I can't swim, so if the canoe flips over, RIP. Biking, I don't know how, so that's off the list. Then there's rock climbing and parkour. I've tried carrying my weight before in rock climbing, and it was tiring and I was heavy. That was in grade six. .-. My figure is average-ish, but rock climbing sure was somethin' (sarcasm). And with parkour — are you kidding me? I think I'd rather — no, actually, I wouldn't do a math test to substitute it... Okay, I would rather go on for - I don't know - two months without using my laptop than go on a parkour field trip with my knee being vulnerable as it is! Then there's also skiing, so are you f*cking kidding me for real? Good gosh, no, I'm not cut out for the agenda we'll have in gym. I don't want anymore injuries! PE 11 is not fit for me! I don't want to follow units, even if they say that this time, this year they have more games than things you have to follow unlike in grade 8 through 10! I want to do my own exercises at my own pace, and even by myself! >:( Technically, the only good things that I would like in the PE units provided is badminton and fencing. We had archery in grade 10, fencing sounds cool. But that's only two things I'll be looking forward too. .-.

So that's Day 1. If you've read this far, I congratulate you and appreciate the time you're taking to read everything about someone probably on the other side of the world from you.

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Now for Day 2's, I have Biology, Social Studies, English, and Japanese. I definitely like my Day 2's, so there isn't much to say.

I have my supposed-to-be-dying-down-admiration-crush in Social Studies. .-. I can't win, can't I? F*ck the crush life, books and anime + manga romances are better. > - > Besides, he has good friends there, so byeeeeeee.

English, I'm happy that I got my favourite teacher.

Japanese, I don't have my best friend with me this time, and there are a few people I'm not entirely close with, but it's all cool. I think.

Random input: my room is very warm at the moment. I already have my fan on medium, but it feels like I'm beside a small heater...

Welp, that's all. Unfortunately, I've forgotten what it felt like to be completely aware about being given assignments, so I have a ton of adjusting to do. Honestly, I think my grade 10 year was nicer, even though I had mental breakdowns or meltdowns regarding PE, Math, and Science class. .-.

Ahhhh, school~

A like/hate relationship.

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This is so creepy, where did it come from...