Here's some old but good songs I love!!

//End of the Road- MGK feat blackbear\\

Hot, kells, and machine gun kelly image Tattoos, blackbear, and boys image
tattoo, mgk, and boy image
Lace Up (2012)

//Super Rich Kids- Frank Ocean feat Earl Sweatshirt\\

frank ocean image odd future image
frank ocean, music, and orange image
Channel ORANGE (2012)

//Helena (So Long & Goodnight)- My Chemical Romance\\

my chemical romance, gerard way, and frank iero image frank iero, mcr, and ray toro image
Abusive image
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)

//Easier To Run- Linkin Park\\

linkin park, chester bennington, and music image linkin park image
album, art, and cover image
Meteora (2003)

//For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic- Paramore\\

paramore, hayley williams, and zac farro image Image by Shooting Star
Image by Shooting Star
ROIT! (2007)

//Hey, Princess- Allstar Weekend\\

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Mariana♡
allstar weekend, cameron quiseng, and zach porter image
Suddenly (2010) Who else remembers when these guys songs would play on Disney Channel??

//Jenny- The Click Five\\

guys, musicians, and the click five image the click five image
the click five image
Modern Minds and Pastimes (2007)

//Tomorrow- Silverchair\\

grunge and silverchair image Image by Sheri Lea Pond
music and silverchair image
Frogstomp (1995)