Here's some old but good songs I love!!

//End of the Road- MGK feat blackbear\\

Hot, kells, and machine gun kelly image Tattoos, blackbear, and boys image
tattoo, mgk, and boy image
Lace Up (2012)

//Super Rich Kids- Frank Ocean feat Earl Sweatshirt\\

frank ocean image odd future image
frank ocean, music, and orange image
Channel ORANGE (2012)

//Helena (So Long & Goodnight)- My Chemical Romance\\

my chemical romance, gerard way, and frank iero image frank iero, mcr, and my chemical romance image
mcr, my chemical romance, and frerard image
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)

//Easier To Run- Linkin Park\\

linkin park, chester bennington, and chester image linkin park image
album, art, and cover image
Meteora (2003)

//For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic- Paramore\\

paramore, hayley williams, and zac farro image Image by Shooting Star
Image by Shooting Star
ROIT! (2007)

//Hey, Princess- Allstar Weekend\\

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Mariana♡
allstar weekend, cameron quiseng, and zach porter image
Suddenly (2010) Who else remembers when these guys songs would play on Disney Channel??

//Jenny- The Click Five\\

guys, hotties, and musicians image the click five image
the click five image
Modern Minds and Pastimes (2007)

//Tomorrow- Silverchair\\

grunge and silverchair image Image by Sheri Lea Pond
music and silverchair image
Frogstomp (1995)