These holidays i had a summer love. And I’ll be honest in something; it was pretty until it ends. My family decided to come back before the date that we said and we both stayed in to see each other again. At the end, we didn’t have a happy ending. And it’s just that was too perfect how to be real. Maybe wrong moment, or perfect moment but wrong person I really don’t know; only God and destiny knows it. But how everything in life leaves us a lesson or a blessing, he left me something. He taught me something about myself and I think that all girls must to have it present in their life’s because is very important to our personal and mental health cause it defines what beauty really is, since today they have stereotyped so much in such a wrong way that we were led to think that we are not pretty, that we always have a defect in our life’s, etc.

(english is not my natal language so excuse me if I have mistakes)

The messages that he left me and I want to share with you are these:

Message 1:

A smile is always important. Doesn’t matter if you had a bad day or you are down, always looking for something to make you smile, for you and because you never know who is watching you and falls for your smile. Besides that the smile is the prettiest thing that someone got. Homework: smile and laugh more (remember daily).

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Message 2:

Have a good vibe. We all know that our attitude in front situations are everything, same thing goes how you show yourself to life. The vibe that you show is what the rest of the world perceives. If your day was a mess and your face shows it, obviously many people will ignore you because, to be honest, what we all are looking for is happiness no more problems. And if is hard to you find a way that good vibe inside of you, do what you love and there you’ll be happy with yourself and with the rest of the world.

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Message 3:

The physical goes after the feeling. Everybody, without exception, what first see in a person when met them is the physical, let me tell you, when you connect perfectly with someone, the physical doesn’t matter between you both. If you have that feeling and also a good physical, you’ll see it like a bonus because what really catch your attention by that person will be pass beautiful moments together, talking about nothing and everything.

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Message 4:

A cute look always catches people. I don’t mean wearing lots and lots and lots of makeup, no. I mean that eyes shows what we really are, is reflected in those beautiful eyes that each of us has. As the typical saying of "a look speaks more than a thousand words," so, with a single glance you can decipher someone in seconds; you can feel the magic between you both.

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Message 5:

The personality is what is most appreciated. When you met someone that is so beautiful physically but when you talk with them and treat them you realize that they are garbage, automatically they turn ugly to your eyes. Because you look for someone with whom you can have that feeling since with the physical you don’t do more than being able to appreciate it for a short period of time while the feelings are still there without anything changing. That’s why is very important that all of us tries to work in ourselves as people. What good is it to have a beautiful body or face, if you are going to be someone as X as a person?

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Message 6:

Your physical is important. Yeah, is some contradictory. In past messages I said that’s not what matters the most but is part of it also. It’s part of YOUR happiness, while you are happy as how you look like; who cares about what people says? What matters is how you feel, and in that way is how rest of people will look at you and accept you.

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Message 7:

Always be your best version of yourself. This is something I want to make clear and specify very well. With this I don’t mean that they surrender themselves to the whole world nor they launch them to entrust everything to the people who first pass for the front. With this I mean that always give the best of yourself, give, only give, that’s is 100% better than have something and as what you give is what you receive, you will soon have it returned. But be careful, because you never know who the people behind their masks are really.

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Message 8:

Feel good with who you are. Be happy with how and who you are. If someone don’t appreciate or accept you exactly as you are, then; why you want someone like that in your life? You know, we all are amazing how to care about what people say about us. How I said at the beginning, the feeling is what will matter, and if your feeling is not “cool” for someone, take them out there, because won’t want to see you happy, so take your vibe and chill it alone. You shouldn’t give them the pleasure of seeing you wrong, be happy with yourself and if someone wants to share their happiness with you, its welcome, but you shouldn’t accept that your world stops by someone’s opinion. You are who you are and that’s what haves to matter.

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PD: these messages were taught by the feelings that this trip left me. He only had to play me to leave me these beautiful lessons that will help me in live. so i turned pain into love for myself and lessons for the rest of my life.

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