Favourite Character - Olaf is my spirit animation character

Favourite Princess - Belle; she's educated and down to earth

Favourite heroine - Merida

Favourite Prince - prince Eric

Favourite Hero - Peter Pan

Favourite Animal - Dory

Favourite Sidekick - Genie

beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image

Favourite Villain - Cruella De Vil

Favourite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto etc.) - Minnie

Favourite Love Song - Beauty & The Beast

Favourite song - Beauty & The Beast

Favourite villain song - Prince Ali

Least Favourite Song - Oh god, I don't know....

Favourite Kiss - I don't remember #soharam

First Movie I ever saw - I really think is the 101 Dalmatians ..

Favourite classic - I swear, I'll never get tired of Beauty & The Beast (I watch it at least 4 time in the cinema)

Songs that always get stuck in your head - Prince Ali & Beauty and The Beast

Favourite Pixar movie - The Incredibles

disney and bambi image

Least favourite Pixar movie - To be honest, Toy Story is kinda scary...

Favourite Sequel - Finding Dory?

Overrated movie - Frozen

Underrated movie - :o

Movie that makes me laugh - Frozen

Movie that makes me cry - Frozen (I'm a young emotional lady)

Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie - When Anna saved Elsa... so sad, oh, so sad

Saddest death - There is death on Disney movie?

Favourite quote - " Ladies don't start fight, but they can finish them." u_u

Favourite theme park - Harry Potter Land

Favourite theme park attraction - Magic Kingdom

Favourite show - Lizzie McGuire!!!

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