I spend every day pushing back the pain forcing a smile everywhere i go the only people who have seen me Truly smile are my best friends and now I can't take it anymore the pain i feel makes me feel physically sick and I just want to run and never come back. But sadly that is not a possibility in this reality instead I must continue this fight everyday and sometimes the pain the salty tears that have been held back being to swarm inside of me like cyclone and it just takes one comment and i break and start to feel weak again yet I'm still here bring myself to fight against the never ending cycle of the cyclone just waiting for the peace to finally reach me.
throughout the years I have stood by many who have done me wrong i always believe in giving people another chance . I still wish the very best fr all those who have caused my tears or some of the fears that live in the back of mind. You Probably want to know WHY? well truth be told I'm far from perfect i have made mistakes in life and I have Apologized for hurting people and I must live with the mistakes i have made and learn from it .

Even though now I'm sitting here getting bullied all over again honestly I will still stand up for those who Bully me or those who have wronged me and in the end I will e happy because the people who hurt me are finally happy and I will do everything in my power to help them be happy no matter what Pain or suffering I'm caused.
I have been bullied for so long that it has become everyday life for me and that's ok because I know who my true friends are.
I thank god for them every day because without them I don't think i would be here today.
throughout the last 3-4 years of highschool i have been called all names told to end myself but I have Still stood by those people and helped them when they need so in a way I'm thankful for them because they have helped me to stand tall and i don't think anyone knows the damage i have faced mentally since then because This is the very first time i have given slight insight into my life.

- Anonymous