Hey hearters! I decided that I want to get into the blogging and writing thing. So I decided to do a get to know me tag even though I'm pretty sure no cares I thought these questions made me think and reflect upon myself. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

1) My name is Tay
2) I have no idea what my name means
3) I am from all over the place because I move a lot
4) I am an American
5) Favorite color is pink
6) I am an Aries
7) My favorite music genre is rap/hip hop
8)My favorite musician at the time is Khalid
9) My favorite food is waffles
10) My favorite drink is sparking ice
11) My favorite snack is chips
12) My favorite holiday is Christmas
13) My favorite past time is hanging with friends
14) I am talented at telling jokes
15) I wish I was talented at dance
16) My favorite sport is track(I run track btw!)
17) I am VERY competitive
18) A bad habit of mine is being a poor sport
19) My favorite thing about myself is that I love to laugh even at the worst times :)
20) A top thing on my bucket list is to travel out the country
21) 3 long term goals of mine is to be successful,happy,and find true love (so cheesy ik but I want a forever mans someday)
22) 3 short term goals is to get involved at school more, have a really good gpa, and keep up my clear skin
23) My ideal boothang should be loyal,honest,and have a very good sense of humor
24) The apps I use most is snapchat and whi :))
25) If I were to give my younger self advice it would be to not try and make the cool kids your friends because they're not that cool .
26) My hero is Kevin Hart because he started from nothing to now haing his own day
27) If I could live anywhere I would live on a nice quiet island or Hawaii
28) My favorite family vacation was going to disney world
29) What motivates me to work hard is the idea of being able to retire in peace if I live that long :)
30) My favorite quote is " You cannot heal in the environment where you got sick." - Unknown
Well, that is the end of the tag and if you read this far thanks!!! It took 15 times to finally get this right so please give this a heart and depending on if people like this I'll upload a poem that I've worked on for awhile