I was in middle school, eight grade to be precise. It was the first day of school and I remember being very angry for having to wake up early again. I thought I didn´t wanted to hear anything about school for about another week. But that would not be so.

Aparently this guy had been around since elementary school, but I had never noticed him before. At first I didn´t pay him much attention, he didn´t either. Then he began teasing me, I have to highlight the point that I had never been very interested in boys, all my life I´d thought myself a tough girl and there was hardly something else that I would enjoy more than being challenged, so if this guy wanted a fight he would get one. So I also began bothering him and he answered back.

We got to the point in which we hated each other, we couldn´t stand being near each other, and I kept asking myself why did he have to be in the same group I was. However, I don´t know how It happened but I started liking him and stoped teasing him, instead I just pretended he didn´t exist. I liked the fact that he boxed and was strong and wasn´t like the other skinny boys that defended their "right of not being offended", cryed about everything, couldn´t stand up against me on physical education and acted girly.

Of course he would not like me back, and I would not beg for his attention. He had this huge crush on another girl since last year and it didn´t seem he would get over her soon. However, I noticed I started acting differently, I was girly, I started being nicer with people, and acted shy. I guess I did that to have a resemblance to the girl he liked, she seemed to be that way, but I didn´t work.

I don´t know how, but I managed to keep up with it throughout the school year. By summer vacations I gave it all up and stopped all that nosense of acting shy and pretending I liked classical music. I bought myself a good electrical guitar, an amplifier and returned to my guitar lessons. Stoped acting like I wasn´t able to run my laps and couldn´t ace math and decided I would never act like someone I am not ever again. I someone loved me, it better be because of who I am.

Interestingly, this guy started showing more interest and kept on messaging me, at first I was pretty excited, but as we started knowing each other I realized he wasn´t really my type. We still talk to each other often, but now it is different, we are fine being friends.

I guess that was when I learned there is nothing more valuable as who you really are, because you´re unique, and no girl should ever feel like she needs to change who she is to be accepted.