If your hair is falling out
Before washing your hair, brush it well, do not let knots, or when you wash it will avoid that when pulling the knots your hair falls next to them. Also if you usually wash with warm water, give your hair a final rinse with cold water. If you do this every time you wash your hair it will be less fall.

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If you want pretty and natural curls, without hot
Before sleep make some braids (I recommend if you have a really thick hair do six braids, personal experience people) and go to sleep. By the morning remove the braids and and spray your hair with some spray for curls, I recommend the spray's based in sea salt for pretty beach curls, or some with coconut for hydrate and natural soft curls

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If your hair is giving you problems
Sometimes your hair is really messy for your own fault, when you use products that isn't are for your type of hair. Try at the most find the products for you, if you have curls, or if your hair is really oily, or dry, exist one product for any kind of hair.

Also, try to brush your hair immediately after to wash it. With that you're avoid the knots that make your hair look weird
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If you want long hair
Try at the most for sleep with your hair loose, cause' nightime is the best moment for your hair (and body, and almost everything) recovery, when you sleep with your hair tied you're limit the oportinity of this grow.

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