alright so over the summer i got really into my feels and found some really good gay movies. i've picked ten out of the fourteen i watched lol majority of them aren't in english so if you want to watch them and need a link, i'm more than happy to provide you with one if i can find them again lol. but yes without further ado, here's my top ten gay movies.

1. Seashore (Portuguese)

seashore image

2. Fair Haven (English)

gif and fairhaven image

3. Hidden Kisses (French)

hiddenkisses image

4. Shelter (English)

gif and shelter image

5. Just a Question of Love (French)

Image by lღve urself

6. Boys (Dutch)

boys and gay image

7. The Way He Looks (Portuguese)

Image by lღve urself

8. Center of my World (German)

Image by lღve urself

9. Being 17 (French)

Image by lღve urself

10. Closet Monster (English)

Image by lღve urself