I like these challenges so here's a photography one. Hope you enjoy...

Day 1. Colorful

colors and pencil image

Day 2. Pretty in Pink

car, pink, and luxury image

Day 3. Chevron

Image by BlossomKawaii

Day 4. Cozy

dog, cute, and puppy image

Day 5. Polka Dots

black, black and white, and overlay image

Day 6. Creativity

Temporarily removed

Day 7. Bright White

Image by •мηdez•

Day 8. Velvet

cute dress, fall fashion, and mini dress image

Day 9. Crisp

autumn, fall, and leaves image

Day 10. Darkness

creepy and dark image

Day 11. Neon

Temporarily removed

Day 12. Soft Violet

Temporarily removed

Day 13. Decoration

blue, light, and tumblr image

Day 14. Warm

fire, forest, and nature image

Day 15. Knit

fashion, style, and sweater image

Day 16. Mixed
I'm honestly not really sure what this means. Haha.

Day 17. Hint of Green

food, sushi, and green image

Day 18. Contrast

contrast, mountains, and nature image

Day 19. Sheer

dress, black, and style image

Day 20. Denim

Image removed

Day 21. Pattern

Temporarily removed

Day 22. Rainbow

rainbow and nature image

Day 23. Cool Teal

cactus, pink, and green image

Day 24. Leaves

feuilles, green, and greenery image

Day 25. Black as Night

Image removed

Day 26. Metallic

Temporarily removed

Day 27. Swirls

marble, red, and swirl image

Day 28. Matte

lips, lipstick, and dark image

Day 29. Fancy

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Day 30. Harvest Orange

autumn, pumpkins, and loveliest autumn image