Just love yourself because if you dont who will do it for you?

LOvE YoUrSeLF because you slayy.
You dont belive me, i am right?
I see you.
Yes you behind your computer and i know what do you think.

I am...Ugly,i am fat,i am stupid,i am...
STOP this.
You are beautiful,society is ulgy.
And is not because that you dont have a beach body or because your arent good in math that people can judge you.
You are you and its perfect like this.
Dont let them tell you who you should love,what to think,what to wear...
You love girl and you are a girl?
This is beautiful.
You are not popular?
The most important is not quantity its quality :).

LOVE YOURSELF for what you are,physically and mentally.
Dont let anybody get you down.
Even if its your friends or familly.
And the most important dont let YOURSELF believe that you are not beautiful.

You can do anyting if you love Yourself.
And i know that one day, maybe not tomorrow, but one day you will love yourself.
Never gived up this fight because you deserve to love yourself.