yes cellphones are cool and very useful but have you ever given time to think about how much time you're on your mobile device? and how much of that time you actually did something important and useful?

i bet most of your time you spent scrolling through social media or texted some friends and yeah there is nothing wrong with those activities but

1- why spend so much time looking what other people are doing? what are you going to talk to them in real life when you see them if you already know everything they did this week?

2- why text someone when you could actually see them? we've become so used to doing this that we forget how much better it feels to actually listen to someone's voice. if you really can't see them in real life call them, skype them.

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the cellphone is known for "connecting people" but it's really disconnecting them.

+ have you ever noticed how many great things we are missing because we spend so much time looking at a screen? i don't want that to happend anymore. so i came up with some tips to try to be more present in life.

- only text if it's important (even if something major happened wait until the next time you see the person to tell them)
- keep your phone away and hard for you to check it every 5 miuntes
- everytime you feel like using social media do something else you like, read a book, spend time with your friends, listen to music, go for a bike ride, take photos or go do your homework lol

love always
- clarice

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