Hi! i will not lie,im anxious to to this article because my english is not really perfect...i speak french that` why...(So im sorry for the mistakes that i will make.) But im really excited too because i love to write :). Lets get started!

My name is Alicia and im from Canada.
Im young(13).(admit it your surprised ;0 or maybe not...)

I love all the types of art(music,writing and reading,singing,plastic art...)and im shy and creative.
As you can see if you look at my collections, i really like autumn,winter,Harry Potter(always),Melanie Martinez,Ariana grande,13 RW,TFIOS,The vampires diary,riverdale,Disney movies and some other things.
And im not done with writing because i really enjoy it like i say it before.
Soon,id love to write some fanfictions,poetry and maybe other articles about various subjects like self confidence,feminism,fashion,...
So you can follow my collection called my articles if you want to see it.

Well i think its the end of my first article.
thank you so much for taking time to read it.
With all my love,aliciapotterhead.