1.haikyuu!: this is my favorite anime EVER. it's so hjhjhjchbjcdhdsd. it's about volley and have 3 seasons. super recommendable.

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2.assasination classroom: this is so exciting, the final is so bhsahdhbdyugdvyeuq [i cry so much T.T] It's about a class that has to kill they teacher who is an alien. I love this anime so much!

assassination classroom, anime, and koro sensei image

3. akagami no shirayuki- hime: this is one of my favorites shoujo anime! it's about a girls, who escaping from a prince, met a new prince, but from the other kingdom and they fall in love 💕✨ I LOVE THIS HBIDCHBHBDWHB!

anime, zen, and shirayuki image

4.free: i LOVE this anime, it's like haikyuu but... i love haikyuu more [sorry for the free fans, don't attack me, it's just my opinion] I FALL IN LOVE WITH RIN 💞😭

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5.shokugeki no soma: It's just so funny and Soma is so handsome😍i love him so much 💞 and the anime too, of course 💕 (it's about food wars)

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the and! i hope you enjoy it 😊