Hello again! I am back with the Zodiac Signs. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I made 146 hearts on my other one! THANK YOU!! Okay so this time I'm doing a Taurus. I am personally a Taurus, so everything here is me. Hope you enjoy!

Like last time I'm doing the basic things first, and then the facts. So if you a Taurus your Birthday is April 21-May 20. Your ruled by the planet of Venus, which means LOVE! Now I will tell you Facts.

*Make the most sense during an argument.

*Make silly faces to distract you for no reason.

*Even if you don't want to hear it, they will keep it REAL with you.

*90% of the time when Taurus say ''I'm done'', they will find themselves trying again.

*Taurus may not be the most outgoing sign but they will always be by your side.

*They have several SEVERAL weird moments.

*They make everything look so damn good.

*When Taurus loves you, they hold on you to you very tightly. And the small things that you think they've missed, they paid attention to a long long time ago.

*Taurus can seem really shy and innocent ...but don't let that fool you.

*they're so dope because~ they don't need to lean on other people to make sure they have what they need.

*Don't take it the wrong way if a Taurus wants to do things their way. They WILL always feel like they can do a better job.

*Romantically, they won't compete for your love. They may love you but if you're an open market to others they're not buying it .

*A Taurus is nice, sometimes too nice. And most of the them realize this is a bit of a problem.

*Watch out, they can sting like a really strong bee.

*Their little secret: When they need help, it's really hard for them to admit it because they hate seeming weak.

*You might have thought that they forget but they sure as hell didn't.

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So that's some stuff about Taurus. I am a Taurus, and for me I think being a Taurus is awesome! If you want to learn more about Taurus go to TheZodiacCity.com I did one on Aries too, so go check that out if you want to. Bye! See you next time!