It's that time of the year again when most of us said goodbye to the lazy summer days and hello to essays, tests, and exams. And although as a middleschooler I found schoolwork a breeze once I entered all the advanced classes in highschool I realized that I am in fact not as smart as I thought I was. So in order to survive I had to find loads of tricks and today I decided to share them with you.
The first thing I'm going to tell you is probably something you've heard before and will probably ignore but it is quite important. get organized!!! And yeah, this is quite a basic tip but it oh so important. Find what works for you and use it!!! For example, what really works for me is to have an agenda, a notebook and a one inch binder. I do all my work in the notebook and then place it into the proper section of the binder, that way I have way less supplies to carry around and all my work is in 'proper places'. An agenda is a powerful tool that'll help you remember everything that you have to do from steamy dates to boring essays.

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Don't throw out your syllabus EVER. This is the only thing that'll tell you what you will have on your final exam. Once you have a list of everything you have to learn it is so much easier to do so. Honestly, keep it, treasure it, love it; because it literally saves you so much time and energy.

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Take the notes quickly, and if they aren't neat enough this is what I would suggest. Get an ' at home notebook ' where you will rewrite your messy class notes into so that they look pretty and readable. Yes, this is extra work but it's quite necessary that you'll be able to decipher what you copied in class.

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honestly, these help with your second language, formulas and definitions!!! This is such a powerful tool to help you memorize anything and everything.

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French - bonpatron, word reference
Sciences, Maths - wolframalpha

Anyways guys hope this helped a little bit. Remember to concentrate on your health as well as your studies. Let's have a good school year and make it out alive!!