I admit it! I was never lucky when it came to love. Sure, I am young and have the whole life in front of me, but that doesn't stop the heartache after rejection. That doesn't stop you from loving again and again and again...

I was never the girl to depend on boys, to fall madly in love with someone. I loved assholes and people who were not worthy of my attention, who didn't see me for who I was, but as an object for their entertainment. I had strong feelings for the wrong person. And then I met you...

You were...you were YOU. Not only you had everything I wished for, but, also, everything I was lacking. You were funny and bold. You were handsome and charming. You could pull off that white shirt I saw you in and fell in love, but also come in a pair of plain jeans and still make my heart rush. You loved Game of Thrones(believe it, or not, I don't have many friends who watch the series) and, even better, Jaime was your favourite character(when you said that, I realised I was really falling hard for you).You were my age and as smart as me(ok, a bit smarter). Did you know how to play tennis? Well, I guess I forgot to ask you. You were a beautiful combination between a rebel and a geek.

I remember I used to see you in the yard when we had afternoon classes. And then meet you while running up the stairs, in the morning, in our last year. There weren't THAT strong feelings then, but I recall wandering what would it be like to be with you. Just out of pure curiosity. Our classrooms were one next to the other, yet there were few moments I caught a glimpse of you. And even then it wouldn't have mattered that much. Not as it does now...

So, yeah, you were right under my nose. Right there all this time. RIGHT THERE! And yet I was too distracted to notice I was sitting next to the best thing in my life.

Well, that was it! Now we parted ways, never to see each other again(just being realistic over here). Seriously, how could you have fallen in love with me in just three days(one last month, and two this week)! I did with you, but, well, that is another story, right?

I was told I not ok for a girl to make the first step, 'cause she might end up bullied and traumatized by how boys act(although most of my friends are in a relationship thanks to the girl, who took the leap). That's why I didn't ask for your phone number to talk GoT. I DID ask for it, but didn't insist.

I blew it, right? How many people get to meet their soulmate(is it too much to call him soulmate?)?

We met at the wrong time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Maybe one day, years from now, we’ll meet in a coffee shop in a far away city, somewhere, and we could give it another shot.
― Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

Tell me, is it too late to ask you to be the Jon Snow to my Daenerys Targaryen?

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