I only smoke when I drink
Bars tend to get loud and crowded and overwhelming
Outside with the smokers it's calmer
"Can I bum a cigarette?" Is how I've meet a lot of good people
We never see each other away from the bar but they never question when I drink straight liquor instead of water
It's a way to flirt and to know if there is interest there because pretty girls never light their own cigarettes
That's how I meet you, the moment is documented because another guy was on my mind and I needed to prove to him that he wasn't
You became the habit
We would try to talk away from the bar but conversations never lasted
But you were always there with a cigarette
I told you I like to play minds games and you said you were ok with that
I realized that I was the toxic one
Using you when I wanted attention
To boost my ego knowing that if I didn't find someone new that night you'd be waiting for me
Letting you think I was ready for more when you only knew me on the surface
Like smoking we were bad habits for one another
But I wasn't the only one to blame
I tried to talk to you but through the veil of smoke and alcohol you only half heard me
You didn't remember how I told you things I didn't tell anyone else
It became easy to tell you things we we were drunk because now i knew you’d never remember
Booze and cigarettes were that wall I used to keep things from becoming to real
but you wanted them to be
you thought you were getting to know me but you never had a clue
You thought you were gonna convince me to open up but I was never going to budge
So I did what was best for both of us
You offered me a cigarette; I told you I don't smoke
i haven’t smoked since

love and rockets - earthtomaryx