Fun fact: I am a fall baby and I adore it :) also, if you wanna know when is my birthday its November 25th :)

So, the things I personally want to do this autumn is:

1. Get a pumpkin.

It's not autumn without pumpkin carving it's so therapeutic to me at least.

2. Pumpkin spice latte from the amazing starbucks.

So, if you are a common white girl like myself this is everything and beyond. And it's perfect drink for autumn. I wanna bath in it sometimes.

3. Hoodies, beanies, scarfs, combat boots etc.

Fall clothes are everything. I always dream of autumn so I can wear my sweaters again. They are so comforting in a weird way.

4. Taking fall pictures.

I love taking pictures in the fall time. They are so pretty.

This will go on and on... So, this is all for now <3

Forever and Always,