If anybody of you has read my article to the boy I love (http://weheartit.com/articles/296166502-to-the-boy-i-love) you will know that I treated a guy like shit inspite of the feelings I have for him.
I want to explain why, ´cause I feel like this is something girls should know.

No matter where you go, on Instagram, on Tumblr and also here in WHI, you see a lot of pictures and quotes stating how wrong boys treat girls, how mean they can be and how they screw around with everyone. And maybe some of you will hate me for saying this, but:
Not every guy is like that

Yes, sometimes boys just want sex, they sometimes simply want to get in your pants and that's it, and sometimes they are blind to the feelings you have for them and treat you wrong. And naturally, to prevent yourself from getting hurt by this kind of guy, you don't trust them.
And here we come to the point where I made my greatest mistake: I asumed that every guy who I met was heartless and cold, I didn´t even think about the fact that he could actually be honest with me.
So, I´ve treated him badly, pretended to not like him and told him he is an asshole for lying to me when he said he liked me. Btw, for the ones who didn`t see it coming; that´s how I lost him, cause he actually did like me.

A cute hot nice boy had feelings for me and I called him a heartless asshole

For everyone of you out there, and to everyone reading this: I'm sorry when you got hurt by a guy and when your heart is broken because some douchebag didn't see your beauty and potential, I really am. But please don't say that every single boy is like that, please don't stop giving boys a chance. Please don't shut them out entirely.
Of course, take your time, get over your heartbreak, let yourself feel better again, but after that, don't shut your eyes for the kind and loving boys out there.

Because I will promise you, that someday, when the right guy comes along, you won't be able to see him, and that will hurt you more than anything else.

Please don't let the wrong guys make you blind for the right ones.

All the love,
the girl who broke his heart