These 5 songs, are in my opinion. They help me when I am usually feeling down, but I know in the end everything is going to be okay.

5. Hedley- Sweater Song

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This song is by a Canadian band, this song is about missing your S.O and having his/her sweater close to you.

4. Sleeping With Sirens- Fly

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I like this song, I like how its about you just want to go and get out there, that you've been hurt so many times in the past that you keep a barrier up, to protect yourself and your heart. How you want to break it down and not let anything/ anyone stop you. you just want to fly and be free.

3. The Maine- Lonely

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This song is pretty self explanatory, but I find it that it's okay to be lonely sometimes, cause sometimes you need to be by yourself and just think. Even if you had a bad day.

2 All Time Low- Therapy

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This song, Therapy, not everyone likes going there but it helps if you need to talk to somebody.

1. Eels- Manchild

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When I first heard this song, it was in a show called Futurama. It's a sad song as well as the episode and even to this day I cry every time I watch it, and it's okay to cry.