I'm back guys, I have new ideas that I think could help you.

Escape even one day. Get on a bus without knowing destination, go to a walk alone, leave you space to think and clear your mind.

Cook. If you like it, of course. I love cooking and it can be so funny, you can cook with a friend, your mom...etc.

Listen. Sometimes we lock ourselves and our problems, and any advice we throw at the first. We must listen, see more points of view, ask ourselves How can I fix the situation?

Know your area. I know it sounds strange, but when we are sad we stay home all day, not wanting anything, but that can only lead to greater sadness or depression. You must go out even if it's just outside your door. Breathe, feel the breeze, do not let the problems destroy you.

Are you angry? Do you have problems with suicidal thoughts or do you think about cutting yourself? Do not do anything you can regret, because in the end you regret it, believe me. There is a very good trick that is a good technique instead of cutting yourself or hitting a wall. Grab some ice cubes, put them in a towel or T-shirt, and then pass by where you want to hurt.
Or just with ice, no towels.
The cold generates a kind of "pain" that makes the desire to hurt yourself stop, because you are already doing it, however, it is not dangerous.

See you soon lovely ♥