Hi guys so like we all know fall is coming, so I wanted to give u some fall outfit tips, hope u guys enjoy it!

  • Color yellow, this color is one of the colors that present autumn and little details like yellow cozy scarf or beanie can make you'r outfit much cutter, or simple yellow skirt with black strikes can do good. ( We all know that fall can be cold so if u live in colder area like mine is, you can wear skirt with some black or red leggings. )
  • Color red, everything I wrote above this can work for this autumn presenting color too. :)
  • Knitted jumper, overall simple jumper in gray, red, yellow... color can go with everything is supper cozy and cute . Jumpers with bows or little detail can make perfect outfit and make it look like you put a lot of effort in it.
  • Denim jackets, with this you can make simple outfit completed it can give cute notes . It can go with following colors ( yellow and red ) and it's giving fall vibes.


~XOXO ❤︎