The internet is a magical place, but it has it's negative and dark side. I try to avoid that side, I like to stay on the happy side where people share pictures of flowers and share their experiences.
The internet has created friendships, relationships, fandoms, but also enemies and hate groups.
Be careful, be careful and think about what you say because "once it's out there, it's out there", as my parents always told me, and they are right.
Think about what you say, if you are having a bad day do you really think that commenting on someone's outfit or hair will make you feel better? That making someone feel bad about themselves will improve your happiness and confidence? Well then I am very sorry for you but that is not how the world works, maybe your world works like hat, but not the real one.
Sharing positivity can change your day and that of someone else, so why not be nice and compliment someone's unique style because that one small thing, the "I like your dress", "your hair looks really nice", "you're very talented", can change someone's day or week. It may not mean lots to you but think about it this way, if for every time someone in the world made a nasty comment it was replaced with a nice comment, the world would be a much better and happier place.

Spread positive vibes, we have this amazing platform here and so many more, do something good with the words you have.