So again with the same damn problem. Not everyone in our lives are meant to stay. Even if we wanted them to stay here forever,even if we loved them so much we couldn't let them go. Basically they left. The pain,tears,screams won't go away.
-Time heals.
they say
But it kinda not helping.
I have to let go.
Every time i try to be mad or hate you i remember the sweet words,memories and i can't hate you. I can't hate you and because of it i started hating myself.
I have to let you go.
You have to let me let you go.
You left and it's time to hide this sweet,pure memories deep inside in this freakin heart,cause every damn time i remember some sweet moments i tear up and want to die.
It's enough.
Let go.
Breath in.
Breath out.
and decide - let go or live with pain.
it's you.
it's your damn choice.