I know better now. I shouldn't have let you see how vulnerable I was when we were in the same place. I was another one match in your matchbox. I should have been cold and uniterested on the first time that we talked. I knew you were trouble. But you were so beautiful, such a different disaster.
I am not sure if I believe in destiny but it was meant to talk. I was meant to fall for you because I love pain, I love being a mess, a chaos. And I was, and I am a chaos. And now I think I am addicted to this bitterness.
At least when I stand again back to my feet, I will know better. I may fall again with the wrong guy but I will never give them again a part of myself. I will not show him my real emotions before I am completely sure that he feels the same too. I don't want to feel a fool again, worthless, ugly, uniteresting. I want to feel safety. I want to feel loved.