I love it when I'm alone in my room and i can sit in peace and paint, listen to music, eat what i want and do what I want.
I love it when I can sit down with a cup of tea and a good book.
I love it when I have a deep conversation with someone, no matter who it is. It's the best feeling when you talk about random things. All from the stars, to the moon, to hopes and dreams, to music and about love and people.
I love it when someone makes me laugh very hard. And when I see other people smile and laugh.
I love it when people ask me if I want to hang out, just hang out.
I love it when people surprise me, or the happiness I can see in people's faces when i surprise someone.
I love it when i find a new, really good song.
I love late night texts and talks.
I love blankets, and warm fuzzy sweaters.
I love sweet compliments and warm hugs.
I love random conversations with strange people.
I love the kindness from other people.
I love life and the blessing that comes with it.

It's just these random, tiny things that makes me happy...