She had a galaxy in her eyes, a universe in her mind.

From the outside he could look just like an average human, but don't worry I also thought that at the beginnig.

But he, he is more than just that,
He is fireworks, fireworks that explode and fly around you, lighting up party nights.
He is stars, stars that guide you back to your path when you're lost and all this stars are hidden in the shine of his eyes.
He is a sun that lights up the days to make them brighter and warmer.

But there are days when his demons take his eyes and cover his eyes, then he's lost.
Some days his inner storms cover the sun and everything becomes a little bit grayer.
And there are nights, that aren't party nights and there's no flame able to light the fireworks, he doesn't ask for a match or doesn't want to take it or there's just no one offering a match.

But storms go away at the end, clouds leave and the sun shines again, like if nothing happened. And the demons go back to their hideout in a remote place of his mind, with their tails in between their legs but a smile because of the good job done and wait the next chance of attack when clouds start appearing again.

But he keeps shinning, to make his and our demons furious. He accepts boxes of matches and he turns us into fireworks to fly and explode with him. And we dance under the rain to challenge the clouds and show them we are not scared of them. And meanwhile we laugh and shout to the top of our lungs.