Me. Starting a life in a new city. Lots of strangers around, not even one friend. The longer I‘m here, the harder it is to hold back tears from loneliness. I‘m running late but a taxi driver comes to the rescue. As I get in the car I look at him and instantly think he‘s very young, if we‘re being honest I expected an old man who wouldn‘t even say hello. He is the complete opposite. That man is the first person in this city who tried to have a conversation with me. I tell him it‘s my first year of university and he asks what am I studying. After telling him about my studies, he asks me about my dreams. I say theatre. The man wonders why am I not studying theatre then. I simply answer: parents. He doesn‘t like my answer. The taxi driver tells me his story. He had the same problem but he didn‘t let it stop him and he went to live on his own. He wanted to start his own business (I sadly can‘t hear what the business is but I am too shy to ask again). He doesn‘t say if he started it but he says that now his parents are proud of him so I am guessing he did start it. He motivates me, he tells me stories I want to listen to and I forget that I am late to my classes. I also don‘t care. I want to stay in that taxi all day just to hear his story, just to get advice and just to have a conversation with someone. I have never met a more inspiring person. It feels like a movie. As the ride ends he says I can talk to him if I ever need some encouragement or anything. I smile and get out and as he drives away I realise that I will never see him again. The person that tought me more in 20 minutes than anyone could in a few years is gone. Never will I forget this day. I have so many things to tell him that I was too shy to say on time... but now all I will say is thank you.