This is a small overview over some of Germany's most popular dishes. Since I'm from Bavaria, a lot of the dishes are Bavarian or Swabian because I am more familiar with those. Please don't be offended if I left typical food from northern Germany or your region out or forgot about it.

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Currywurst - a sausage - often Bratwurst - in a curry or ketchup sauce with curry powder on top, often served with fries
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Spätzle & Käsespätzle - soft egg noodles often served with meat dishes On the right are Käsespätzle that are prepared with a lot of cheese
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Nuremberg Rostbratwurst - often served with Sauerkraut and/or mashed potatoes or potato salad. They are also sold in bread rolls as street food with ketchup or mustard
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Maultaschen - they resemble Italian ravioli. They are made of pasta dough and have a minced meat filling, smoked meat filling or a spinach filling, with other varieties also being offered. They are either way served in a soup or fried in a pan as you can see on the photo on the right.
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Weißwurst & Brezel - traditional especially in Munich, these sausages (often veal sausages), served with sweet mustard. There is a special way of eating them called "zuzeln" in Bavarian German. A Brezel (soft pretzel) is often eaten with them.
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Döner - Döner one of the most popular street foods in Germany. Some people say it's Turkish food, some say it's German food, some say it's Turkish-German. Not matter where it exactly is from, Döner places are at nearly every corner in Germany and are already considered German food by many. It consists of often pita bread and filled with ingredients like for example meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese and a sauce (e.g. garlic sauce, hot sauce...). There are hundreds of variations to it though and the ingredients and sauces vary from restaurant to restaurant. It also can be sold as a Dürüm, rolled in flatbread (for example Yufka)
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Krapfen/Berliner/Pfannkuchen/Kreppel - known by different names in Germany, this type of doughnut is most popular during Carneval season. It is traditionally filled with jam and topped with sugar or powdered sugar but nowadays there are more variations to them such as a nutella or chocolate filling, vanilla cream, bailey's cream, coconut and many more.
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Sauerbraten - a pot roast often served with (potato) dumplings, red cabbage, Spätzle and/or boiled potatoes
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A famous dish that often is considered to be German but actually is Austrian, is the Wiener Schnitzel but nethertheless, it is eaten a lot in Germany and can be found in nearly every restaurant that serves local food. In Germany it often is made of pork but veal and turkey Schnitzel are also offered in various places. There are different varieties of Schnitzel, such as the Viennese Schnitzel (as seen on the pictures), Jägerschnitzel (hunter's schnitzel) that is served with mushroom sauce, Paprikaschnitzel (bell pepper schnitzel) served with zigeuner sauce that contains tomato, bell pepper and onion slices.
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Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte / Black Forest Cake is layered chocolate cake with whipped cream between the layers and cherries. Traditionally Kirschwasser (a clear spirit made from sour cherries) or rum is added to the cake.
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Flammkuchen / Tarte flambée - originating from southern Germany & Alsace region in France. Traditionally it is prepared with crème fraîche, sliced onions and bacon but there are other versions too, for example with olives and diced feta cheese

Other German dishes or side dishes include:
▪ Aparagus with Hollandaise sauce
▪ Kartoffelpuffer/Reibekuchen (potato pancakes)
▪ Schupfnudeln: A type of thick noodle or dumpling that is similar to the Italian gnocchi. They usually are pan-fried and often served with sauerkraut or red cabbage. They are served as a side dish or a main dish
▪ Bratkartoffeln: Fried potatoes, often served as a side dish in restaurants but are also eaten as a main dish

There are a lot more dishes and they vary from region to region but these were some of the ones that are most known. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you go visit Germany make sure you try a few of these. I also have a collection about German Food that you can find here:

If you have any questions regarding one of the dishes or something you heard about that I didn't mention, feel free to ask me via private message

Sorry for my English, English is not my first language so there could be grammatical mistakes in the article.