Hi guys !

this is my non-exhaustive list of the best songs in the world.
ps: I'm French so you might not know some of those songs but I suggest you to check them out, they're awesome ;)

  • here come the sun -the Beatles-
  • the sound of silence -Simon and Garfunkel-
  • pale blue eyes -the Velvet Underground-
  • Brooklyn -Woodkid-
  • Zombie -the Cramberries-
  • Father and son -Cat Steven-
  • Blowing in the wind -Bob Dylan-
  • Messed up kids -Jake Bugg-
  • Mistrals Gagnants -Renaud-
  • what a wonderful world -Louis Armstrong-
  • Ruby Tuesday -the Rolling Stones-
  • Bang Bang (my baby shot me down) -Nancy Sinatra-
  • Go solo -Tom Rosenthal-
  • No more bad days -This wild life-
  • the wrong direction -passenger-
  • All I want is you -Barry Louis Polisar-
  • Bring 'em home -Bruce Springsteen-
  • Ride a white swan -T. rex-
  • King for a King -Will Varley-
  • Anyone else but you -The Moldy Peaches-
  • Banana pancakes -Jack Johnson-
  • to all of you -Syd Matters-
  • Sinday with the flu -Yodelice-

I hope you discover some new songs or just listen them again.

bye !