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I didn't write an article yesterday because of the topic of this one. As you may know it was my first day of school and I felt so overwhelmed I didn't know how to cope with it

As a student or a worker you've probably already felt the same way, maybe it happens regularly to you or it was just one time. My point in today's article is that just because school is stressful doesn't mean your mental health should be in danger. Teenagers deserve to be happy to, less of them should be depressed.

Finding happiness

It's honestly so hard at our age to be genuinely happy, with all the drama, fake friendships, fuckboys and mean girls, bullies even. If you add homework, exams and life choices on top of that, the result is that your life lacks of stability. And we're not grown ups, we're not wise enough to know how to deal with that. We're always insecure about everything because we feel like we cannot control them.

There is no magic potion to be happy, that's not true. But we can always make small efforts to make everything better. And by adding all those small things, there's hope we find an alternative stability that will help us feel better.

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you deserve that beautiful smile on your face

Bullet journaling

What I do and I've started really recently is bullet journaling. I've always been the type of student who doesn't study and gets good grades, but this year is my senior year of highschool therefore things are different : there's an important exam at the end of the year that we need to pass to get our diploma in France and I'm trying to get into my dream school in Paris. I'm not a fool, if I want to succeed I need to change my habits and study way more. That's why I've started bullet journaling, I can keep track of how I'm dealing with all the classes, the homework, but I can also actually pay attention to my mental health.

It really is a solution to reduce the stress and focus more on yourself, feeling better and getting stuff done.

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you don't have to make it look all perfect, but you can if you're feeling artsy

Cleaning your mind

Other tips I can give you is try yoga or meditation in the morning or when you come back to school before starting your homework. It helps to get rid of the negative energy school has made you gone through. Practice breathing when you're a particularly stressful situation.

Now think about your day, even if it was bad. Try to remember every part of it, and focus on the good. Whatever made you feel good in that moment, add it into the following day. Of course if that thing you thought about was your crush talking to you, you can't really make it happen for sure. But you can give yourself chances to get to it.

Here are the things I thought about when I did this little exercise : the pancakes I ate for breakfast (low carbs, high protein and gluten free how about that), laughing with my friends, the cup of tea I drank before sleeping, and watching The Bold Type. Not only thinking of it made me feel better but I did all of these today and it was a good one.

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It's still not perfect

As I was saying, our lives are full of instabilities caused by either school or people. You can't control them. I can't either. Today I found out one of the girls who used to be mean and almost bully me 3 years ago will be in an extra class I'm taking. I've not talked to her since that time and I'm really nervous that she's going to ruin my reputation to the others who are taking that class. I'll be working on finding ways to get rid of that fear I have, you should work on your fears too. We all have them but we should be the ones controlling them and not the other way around

I wish you happiness by whichever means you'd like

You deserve to be loved no matter what they say

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