So i´m about to write something that nobody is probably can read like ever, but i needed to write it down so i might be able to let go of it. So april 2018 a couple people from my school are going to Canada and they asked if there were any students who were interested to go with them because there were also two students who could go with them. I signed up for it and this week they had to decide who they were going to bring along to Canada. I did not get picked. The problem is one of my friends did get picked and it broke my heart ( i´m one of those people who feels everything so deeply it´s insane ). I have cried about it because i don´t understand what is wrong with me. I feel like i´m not good enough, I wanted to go so badly, Canada is one of the countries that i want to go to before i die and this was my chance and i failed. The one time i want to do something with school for myself i only feel worse about myself than before. I was getting better, i was talking to people and now everything was for nothing. I feel like i am alone once again and i am so scared that this time i will not get over it. I just feel so lonely. And i just needed to write this down eventhough not alot of people are going to see this. I know i shouldn´t think about this, i shouldn´t feel like i am not good enough, but it is like i can´t get my brain to stop overthinking evrything. Well this was a little thing that i had to write next time will be a better article