Hi, I'm Aeri... So to begin with I'm not totally sure what this is but let's just say I'm looking for more friends. So if you are willing to meet new people or just want someone to listen to your concerns and never talk to them again. I can do that, I'm been told I'm a good listener.

In case you really what to be friends I guess it would be better if you knew a few things about me first right?

1- I can speak English and Portuguese (i do understand Spanish cause of my dad's side of the family but I can't really speak so I won't try, sorry Spanish speakers)
2- I'm a big k-pop fan, I pretty much stand every group and if I don't stand your group I'm open to new suggestions in music all day.
3- I'm a big drama freak too...
4- I do also like many YouTubers.
5- Big Disney fan too.
6- Theories and horror stuff are my thing too.
7- I play Sims a lot too ihihi

And at last my personality.... like i said i've been told i'm a good listener and i'm really positive too. I don't really care if your younger or older than me or even if you like any the things i mentioned above but... we can still try to be friends. If anyone even sees this please send me a postcard or dm me in my twitter ( @_aeri_mx )... i'm always there ihihi

Anyway... you who are reading this... if you are thinking of replying....
Nice to meet you!