I thought I would never be that kind of person, someone who depends on another person to feel hapiness. I never understood people like that, but now I do. Because of a boy. And I can't believe it's just because of a simple crush, since i'm still not sure if i'm actually in love, yet i'm feeling sad and empty because of him, because we were close at some point and we're not anymore, because he would tease me and make fun of me in a friendly way and i would pretend to be mad but we would both end up laughing about it. Because we would spend time talking about our projects and what we'd like to do in the future, because we made fun of teachers together.
Because he cared about me or at least I think he did, when that time when I was sleeping and he thought I was crying and I saw the concern in his eyes, he was the only one to rush to me making sure I was okay
Because he got shy with me sometimes, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Because he was rude to other girls, except me. Because he would defend me when talking to others. Because I thought I could see in his eyes that he had some feelings for me,that time when he was upset about something and I teased him by asking him if he was upset because he's in love and he looked at me with the most loving expression in his eyes that made my heart stop, and then he just smiled. Because i'm still not sure if he ever liked me as much as I liked him. Because last of all, it's all over now. He's ignoring me and I guess all I have to do now is move on.