So, there is this new article thing, so I thougt I try it out, it seems interesting and good fun. And like others here, I'm going to write about myself, only a few things, as a beginning. :)
(Sorry if my English isn't the best, but I've never learned the language so deeply, so I don't know for example the grammar and the tenses well.)

My name is Dori and I'm from Hungary. I'm 19 and studying at university. For a few years one of my friend has been talking to me about WHI, and until now I love it. It's interesting and it surprised me a few times, how this page became part of my life, sometimes when I was sad or had a bad day, WHI helped me, I don't know how. It's just a feeling that I can't explain.

As you can see my pictures, I love reading, if I could do, I'd read all day long. I love cats, I also have one, she's the most beautiful and adorable cat in the world. There she is:

cat, sleep, and cute image

I love nature too, the smell of the rain, the silence in the forest, the endless fields with full of beautiful flowers, the clouds on the blue sky. And I also love to take photos of these wonderful things. Of course I'm not a professional photographer, I take pictures only with my phone, but I like it, so once I want to buy a real camera and take wonderful photos. If you're interested, here's some of my pictures I took:

forest, sky, and summer image clouds and sky image flowers, green, and innocent image nature, sunshine, and wood image

Well, I think this is enough for now. I hope I wasn't that boring, but this is me, so, yeah. :)
Have a nice day! (like this cat :)

cat, animal, and funny image