Some amazing members of our community got together to write a very thoughtful article about Whi. It's a manifesto to make Whi better, they called it #WhiTheRevolution.

My name is Fabio, I'm the founder of Whi. This is a reply to the original #WhiTheRevolution article by @music_infinity, @the_night_skies and others.

I'd like to start by saying we love connecting directly with you, our members. We encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions to improve Whi, issues, see any bugs, or to report anything you believe shouldn't belong on Whi.

Contact us on -

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Our mission is to allow you to express yourself, get inspired and connect with people that share the same passions as you, around the world.


We decided to expand Whi with Articles, because we believed our members were likely to be great writers and we want to give each of you tool to let your voice be heard. Sharing your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and creativity through words is empowering, and we need more empowerment in the world if we want to make it better.

“Articles allows people to express themselves through their writing”

We were amazed with the positive response, and how many great articles you've been writing (even though we didn't expect anything less from our incredible community!). Each member of the team has been spending hours reading your Articles - it’s so inspiring. You are an amazing community!

"Ever since the launch of Articles, the All Images page has been flooded with Articles"

Yes, that’s true. There are a lot of Articles in the discover feed since the release of this feature in August. The Discover Feed is an important place in Whi, everyone who opens the app opens to that screen. To that end, as it's a new feature, we want to show you great articles to read so people can see how they work and get encouraged to write their own.

But this is something we're addressing on the next update that is coming soon. Articles will have their own section on Discover, you'll see some articles at the top of the feed with an option to view more. That way it's easier to find just articles, and the Discover feed can get adjusted back to normal.

You see, we were so excited to bring Articles to life and see how you use it that we chose to launch fast, then keep improving how it fits inside the app and website with more updates. There's more to come, our team is working really hard 😊

Average number of hearts on popular images

This is an interesting one. It's something we're looking into to learn how it evolved over time and confirm what were the factors that caused it to change.

I believe this is due to changes on the speed that new images appear on Discover. If the feed moves faster › images stay less time at the top › they may get less hearts. But at the same time, more images get viewed and hearted, which gives a chance to users with a smaller following to appear on Discover and be noticed.

We want to give everyone a chance to shine through and build their following, AND to support our most active and popular users. On that theme, we are working on changes aimed at increasing the exposure for members with larger following, while also preserving the ability to gain hearts and followers for members with fewer followers. This is definitely a fine line to get right, so we need to find the balance together.

"…no one knows if there is a correlation between the Articles launch and the decline in the number of hearts an image gets…"

Yes, there is a direct correlation, and this is expected. Articles is a new feature and everyone's attention is turned to it. People are spending more time reading and hearting articles, which takes away time from browsing and hearting images and affects the average number of hearts an image gets.

We also expect that over time (and with future changes) image hearts will go back up as people get used to Articles and the app gets organized better.

Whi will always be very visual, and images are the most important aspect of it. Even Articles are visual, they always have a cover image, and you can easily add images and collections to illustrate them.

"There are some people on We Heart It who have actually been gaining more followers and hearts"

Yes, this is true. We've seen a positive effect of writing articles and illustrating them with nice images, mentioning users and collections. Those images will have more chance of getting more hearts, and those users and collections will get more followers.

So articles can be a secret weapon for your whole account if you use them right. Write nice articles about the things you're hearting, add your images to them. And be nice to others too, mention other related articles and collections from other users to encourage people to follow them too. We're a community.

Suggested Improvements

My favorite part: suggestions! I'll reply to each suggestion from the #WhiTheRevolution article, if you have other suggestions please send them to us!

👍 Comments are coming! Right now we're focused on Articles, but we'll work on comments after. This seems simple but it's a challenge to build right, so will take some time.

Delete conversations
👍 We'll add this option as soon as we can find some time to do it.

Ad-free for all users
🤔 Whi is free for everyone. So to keep it free and working it needs ads to support it financially. We added the GOLD status for the users that like Whi so much that they prefer to support it directly and hide the ads. Gold is a subscription through the apps, besides hiding ads you get a Gold badge to show your support and get more visibility on the apps.

Send postcards to anyone
👍 Yes. We'll add this as well. But we want to make it safe. We'll give you the option to disable it on settings if you don't want messages from people you don't follow. And we're improving our block and report feature so if you receive anything that makes you uncomfortable you can block that person and report them to us.

Separate section for articles
👍 We covered that above, it's coming on the next update, very soon.

Increase the minimum number of hearts to appear on Discover
🤔 I want to say yes, but we need to test and see how it would affect the users that don't have many followers. We don't want to hurt their chances of getting featured.

Crop pictures before posting
🤔 Hm… yes, but it's tricky and not a big priority. If you feel strongly about this, please let me know so we can reprioritize it. But I believe the other things will probably come first.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for everyone on the #WhiTheRevolution group! I hope I can join you and we make this revolution together. Let's make Whi the best app ever.