You know when you prepare yourself before a night out, you put together a beautiful outfit, somehow your hair look amazing and the makeup is on point.
You feel so confident and sexy while staring at your figure in a mirror.
You walk out of the house, meet with your friends, you're shining and then...
And then you see other girls.
You see how skinny they are, how effortlessly beautiful they look, how friendly and flirty they are with other people, how easy life seems for them.
How boys are attracted by everything they do and say, how they look at their bodies.
You just get jealous.
Why can't it be me, sometimes?! Why don't they look at me like that?
So you question yourself, you're beauty, you're character, you're body, those amazing hair.
You just feel shitty, worthless, horrible.
You just want to go back home, get in bed and never get out.

If you know all of this, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry because it's the worst feeling ever.
It's so devastating.
I know, I feel like this almost every time I go out.