How to keep your relationship strong?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions...

Soooooooo with that, I'm going to help you.

1) The most important is the trust of each other! If that does not play in the relationship, you should soon start ... If you don't have that in your relationship, you can get very bad communication and often quarrel about unnecessary things

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2) Aaahhh... And communication is also very important in your relationship, talk and listen to each other! so do you avoid misunderstandings. Even though do you think 'Oh well, he would know that' no! TALK and talk it out, don't let it get worse than that it is
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3) Give each other LOVE! And do not get angry at the smallest things, there are worse things in the world. Just think about it ;)

4) Give each other freedom, not that the 1 may do something and the other not?? No that is not! If the 1 though may do, the other that also going to do it. And also not that you should do anything during your relationship, for example, that you should be at home every day and nothing with your friends. If you each other no freedom, the other you hate so much ... Also, set your limits to, now go back on Tip 2: communicate with each other

5) Support each other in difficult times!

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6) Respect...

7) And what I find important is humor. I want to be in a relationship with a person who has a good sense of humor

I think I've helped you?... Well that is intended, hehe. If it's not, you can text me a message. You'r welcome sweetie xxx