~A vibe when you listening to your mom' songs and feel like you danced a lifetime. I think, I was born too late. Stranger things, I can say, it happen to me these days. If I tell you my story, you will judge* me? You will be kind? The world is too big and we do mistakes.

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[hello hearts, I will write a fiction story online, is like a mini book. Everything can change in my mind, if you write to me. It can be possible to recognize your opinion in my story. You feel interested? Give me a chance.]

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It all begins when I was born...Ok maybe some years apart. Oh, sorry, my name is Carla, and you will judge* me. Not all the time but I'm sure sometimes yes.
When I was 16, I had a lot of boyfriends, but never slept with one of them....I was thinkin' maybe someone will wait for me, I was thinkin' maybe someone will fall in love enough for me...
At 16, a boy named Stanys, with a fancy car,was everytime around me, I almost can tell you he stalking me.

Elliana: -Hey, come on Carla, I can make a good impresion for you. I can speak with my boyfriend and he can speak with Stanys. You know they are bestfriends, right?

Her boyfriend was a bad boy, not cool in my opinion. He was a fool and I know he beat her up sometimes. This is a part I never understood.
Stanys seemed quite charming and silent. But what was the difference between them? I mean, they were good friends. There can't be so much difference.

Carla:- Okey, you can do it, speak with him.

~OMG Carla, what is in your mind?...

At least he drives a fancy car. *
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To be continued