You have all seen it, on YouTube, on Instagram, virtually EVERYWHERE.

People are going crazy over slime and doing everything from poking it on their Instagram accounts to profiting immensely from selling their own slime in slime shops. This slime industry really took a peak for the highest trend about 8 months ago. A tab on Instagram allowed us to see satisfying poking of this thing called "SLIME" and everyone lost their minds over it, maybe this is just me, but have you SEEN or POKED slime before?

One of the first slime accounts I followed was an account @glitter.slimes who now has 1.3M+ Instagram followers, employs several workers in her slime shop, and restocks twice a week. Nicolette, owner of @glitter.slimes , truly dove head first into the industry of slime. I personally look up to her as a leader in the slime industry, her slimes do not even come close to tons of other slime shops I have tested out on my YouTube channel: Nichole Jacklyne.

I myself even hopped into this CRAZY cool Instagram trend of slime poking and watching for hours on @slimebyjacklyne and my account jus that 100K and I absolutely can't believe it. I recently posted a IG video with super clear slime and I was teasing my nested video on youtube where I made super clear slime.

Im addicted to slime, yep. ADDIDCTED. I can't stop diving deeper into the industry and researching it. I believe there is a heavy link between therapy, psychology, and slime making. Its therapeutic, ASMR inclusive, if you will. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel where I will be making a video all about this topic.