Dear life,
despite all my faults, you know that I love you, that I want to enjoy you to the fullest, to use and abuse you until you can not have more.
I know that you cross all kinds of obstacles in my way, but as good as I am, I surpass all! (👏👏 for me) I do not forget the s*it that you put on the road, the one that made me fall and that contrary to the expected one only strengthened me, made me grow and focus on me. I learned to have short goals (in time) and to be more ambitious, active! Objective fulfilled with success! (more 👏👏👏)
Now I have another objective, I'm still working to see it properly done, but it's not easy, I'm trying hard and tirelessly to achieve it ...seriously! I will not give up, I will not let weak thoughts lead you down.
In this letter, I want to thank you for not giving up on me, for deciding to give me a chance.
I promise not to give up on you!

With love,