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  • 7. What is your dream job and why?

My dream job, that is actually realistic, would be an interior designer. I have visited multiple colleges for interior design already and have truly fallen in love with the profession.

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Since not everyone may know what an interior designer does or is, I have put together a short essay explaining the job in detail. Enjoy!

  • What is interior design?

Interior design, simply defined, is the art or process of designing the interior of a room or building. Interior design is not to be confused with an interior decorator. The main difference between them is education. Interior designers need to be accredited to get a job and earn money. The industry is stable and has many branches that I will explain below.

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  • Who is an interior designer?

An interior designer is "someone who can steer clients toward a favorable outcome while making them feel they are in full control of the design choices" (Little). They love to play with colors, fabrics, and textiles. They also need to be well-rounded in their education.

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  • What do they do?

An interior designer balances their design knowledge with their client's desires. They need to be able to please their client. Interior design isn't all Ashley Furniture Store and paint swatches. It also requires a great deal of social networking. There are various specialties that one can choose to specialize in as well, such as lighting design - using "lighting installations to achieve a desired effect" (Burch) and universal design as well as many others.

-In general:

In general, interior designers may work with homeowners, architects, and business owners. As well as personal homes, designers may create for spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, malls, hospitals, and even airport terminals.

Residential Design - Homes, what the owner desires personally as well as what their style and goals are for the home

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Commercial Design - Office buildings, community centers, hotels, libraries, museums, with a goal to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically

Hospitality Design - Hotels, or any place that has a relationship between guest and host

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Healthcare Design - Hospitals

Universal Design - designing for people around the world, goal is to create an environment that is usable to the greatest extent of people as possible

Exhibition - Exhibits such as museums, retail, themed attractions and even zoos

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An interior designer typically has a flair for color, spatial arrangement, textiles, and even architecture. Color is a greatly versatile tool that can change the atmosphere of a room. It can be used to unify spaces, draw attention to a focal point, align a room's proportions, and brighten or cool down a room. Color also affects your mood. Interior designers also need to have basic design principles such as scale and proportion and attention to detail.

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  • Education & Numbers

So what kind of education is needed to become an interior designer? An interior designer needs either an associate or bachelor's degree. It is important to be familiar with building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, and computer-aided drawing like CAD. The most important thing, education wise, is that designers must have an accredited education.

$42,380 is the estimated number that an entry-level interior designer makes per year. Keep in mind, a designer working "at a furniture company will most likely make less than a designer who works for a high-end architectural firm" (Little).

  • Successful Job

How does one achieve a successful interior design job? "Interior design is a competitive business" (Little). Not everyone will be successful. However, it is key to gain exposure and experience in the interior design world to get yourself noticed. A designer portfolio is a great tool to have while looking for potential clients. Get the best education. "the more you know, the better off you will be" (Little) job wise.

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Crazy Job!

If I could do absolutely anything for a job, like unrealistically probably, I would either want to be a writer or an archeologist! (yes like Indiana Jones).

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Thanks for reading my article! Do you think interior design looks like a fun job? I certainly do.

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